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A horror film starlet is found mummified
Grandma Gigi was a horror film star.
Is she a murderer in real life?
WIth her mothers past as a grifter, Zarianne has good reason to mistrust her 
Good natured Ryder thinks his horror film star 
grandma is pretty cool
Tate trusts no one but believes in forgiveness
Gigi had dreams of stardom before becoming a horror film star
Do the mysterious sunset moths appear as 
an omen of death?
Zarianne has her hands full even before
 her mother shows up to wreak havoc
The iconic Sunset Blvd
Gigi shows up after being gone many years
Zarianne wakes up to a strange sight
WIth Gigi's past as a grifter, who could blame Zarianne for not believing she is dying
A chain of events results in months of Zariannes art work being ruined
Zarianne is an artist who recreates images of dead starlets out of butterfly wings
Vintage Hollywood is a character in Curse of the Sunset Starlet
Director Lori Precious & actress Kathleen Wilhoite
Sally Kirkland and Bailey Tait
Niko Baur

Grandma Gigi was in horror films
of the 
loves her
Thank you!