Academy Award nominee
Curse of the Sunset Starlet


Sally Kirkland 
Oscar nominated, Golden Globe winner

Kathleen Wilhoite
Gilmore Girls, ER, Greys Anatomy

Introducing    Bailey Tait     Niko Baur

Lori Precious

Lori Precious   Steve Erickson​

Randy Turrow   Lori Precious

Sylvia & Lori Precious   Jamie Wolf   Richard Marlis

Executive Producer 
Mona May

Director of Photography
Joe Pennella

Ryan Chan   Drew Kilcoin

Title Sequence Editor
Rhonda Peacock

Production Design
Tana Roller

Unit Production Manager
1st Assistant Director
D. Scott Easton

2nd Assistant Director
Kelly Stevens

CGI Animation
Wild Canary Media
Executive Producer  Richard Marlis
CG Supervisor  Bryan J Blevins 
CG Animator  Glen David Miller

John McCarthy

Music Supervisor
Howard Paar

                        Original Score                               
Justin Small    Ohad Benchatrit 

Associate Producers
Stan & Karen Andrie
Amy Barrett
Tessa Blake
Jodie Evans
Linden Gledhill
Nancy Gregory
Jonathan Lethem
Avi Peterson
Leigh Platte
Dana Precious
Anita Price
David Roth
Ian Williams


Art Director    
Dave "Gravy" McCullough

Art PA   
Jenna Kieselbach

Camera Operator  
Bruce Pasternak

1st Assisant Camera
Greg Williams   Carter Smith   Alfredo Rosado

2nd Assistant Camera
Max Slomoff

Tom Pugh

Best Boy
Stephen Pugh

Carlos Chavez

Key Grip
Mick Spitalnick

Best Boy Grip
Rick Griggs

Tomoaki Iwakura

Christine S. Chang

Makeup & Hair
Suzana Rupe

Paola Rodriguez

Location Manager
Dennis Williams

Assistant Location 
Iris Lincoln

Script Supervisor
Ann Doria

SFX Supervisor
Donn Markel

Sound Mixer
Carrie Sheldon

Boom Operator & Sound Mixer
Mary Jo Devenney

Boom Operator
Chris Hall

Location Still Photographer
Rich Marchewka

Macro Photography
Linden Gledhill

Starlet Butterfly Portraits
Lori Precious

Location Art
Isabella Bryer    Miles Erickson
David Lloyd   Megan Williams

Production Assistants
Dylan DoVale    Katie Curley

Craft Service & Catering
Jo Erickson
Adrienne Spargo
Virginia Snow
Theresa Sobosan
Marvene Mullins
Terry Hanna

Studio Teacher
Charmaine Boos
Jan Turetsky

Driver & PA
Richard Leopardi

2nd Driver & PA
Matt Curran


The Outpost Sound Mixing Company
Supervising Sound Editor  Tony Friedman
Dialog Editor  Stacey Hempel

Department of Color
Colorist   Charlie Tucker

Open & End Title Photographs
Lori Precious

Poster Design
Ophelia Chong    Lori Precious

Legal Advisor
Christopher Tricarico

Starlet Photos
Mary Carlisle Blakely  courtesy of James Blakely Estate
Joanna Erickson
Jean Howard  courtesy of Cathy Phillips
Carlene Moore
Jaqueline Wright

Horror Film Photos 
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Night of the Living Dead
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Driller Killer
White Zombie

Gigi's monologue The Wolf Man  1941

Santa Ana WInds  by Cold War Kids
There's Something in the Air  by Artie Shaw

Los Angeles 1946 archival footage
Courtesy The Internet Archive

3 Nominations!    
Best Short  
Best Short Screenplay  
Best Producer

Jeremiah O'Driscoll
Berhanu Asfaw
B LOVE apparel
Dennis Baughman
Jordan Brady
Mike Boggs
Heather Cox
Monique Caulfield
Bob & Diana Eisele
Joanna Erickson
Fahmina Accessories
Stefan Gerber
Mike & MIa Getlin
Jeannette Godoy
Beverly Holloway
Ianni Butterfly Supply
Kim Kelly
Chris Koch
​Steven Lavine
Breanna Lee
Jan Scott
Karen Dixon
Nikki Legesse
James Liebenau
Albert Litewka
Livity Outernational
Diana & Kris Mathur
Eric Nelson
John & Karen Peters
Allan & Abbie Phillips
Randy Precious
Lisa & Julie Precious
​Kit Rachlis
Howard Rodman
Joe Sandri
Joanna Scott
Michael Silverblatt
​Izzy Spillman
Janet Sternburg
Woodland Hills Camera
Zena Tafesse
Special Thanks
Joan Scheckl Filmmaking Lab

With Love To
Steve  Miles  Silanchi Erickson
Ralph & Sylvia Precious

Gigi is an aging horror film star who returns to her long abandoned daughter, claiming she is dying. But is she really a drifter, grifter, or ghost come to destroy the family?

Only a mysterious swarm of moths know the secret in this noir tinged tale of family and forgiveness.